I'm Steve Agin proprietor of agintoys, we are also known as Rare Vintage Japanese and have been serving the fan and toy-collecting world for over 12 years by providing the very best in Japanese Character toys from Live-Action and Anime - TV & movies of the last 35 years. We also have sold 1,000's of wind-up toys of every conceivable type and we specialize in the little plastic or "white knob" type that has become so popular - from the conventional to the rare and unusual character and import types.

We love toys. Old toys, new toys, character toys, robots, vehicles, sci-fi, monsters, strange and unique toys, you name it! We love Die-cast toys, Vinyl figural toys, Tin toys, Wind-ups, Battery/ops, Talking toys, and Remote Controlled toys. But we do Specialize in Japanese Character toys. From Godzilla to Gigantor, Sho-guns to Astroyboy, SpeedRacer to SailorMoon Nobody even comes close to the range and depth of our inventory.

We love to talk about toys and are happy to answer questions and offer advice to the beginner and the veteran. So call us if you need help with a tough problem, or are just looking for something new and let us help you. We get a big kick out of this stuff. Thanks for tuning in!


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