Welcome to our NEW Gallery of rare and unique figures for sale by the finest and most dynamic artists on the cutting edge of Toy Art. What you will find here are examples of "1/ofs", custom paints, prototypes, and very small edition pieces which have been gathered together from the very best of the world's leading, up and coming, ground-breaking designers and painters. The work comes from a fraternity of variously interrelated, as well as solitary, genuii. It originates in Japan, USA, Venezuela, Germany and I trust, will grow in scope and diversity to represent the whole of the human cultural community. The grit and beauty, humor and horror, intellectual and childlike are all here to be sampled. Again, Welcome. I hope you will be uplifted for your time spent visiting with us. Please do call, (908) 475-1796, or email, agin@embarqmail.com with any and all questions and interest you have. We are here to serve you.
Steven Agin  

Category: Special & Closeouts

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Arbito Seeker 11 in. Blue yellow green.jpg

Arbito Seeker 11 in. Purple Orange pink.jpg

Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez 13 in. Vagina Brain Monster 1 of 8.jpg

Bob Cong Plaseebo Face of War 6 in..jpg

Bob Conge Plaseebo Mongler Sherman Tank 6 in..JPG

Bob Conge Plaseebo 2 Face of War 6 in. LED..jpg

Bob Conge Plaseebo Mongler Sherman Tank LED 6 in..JPG

Mark Nagata Atelier-G, Okuda-san 13 in. Hedorah 1 of 30.jpg

Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez 13in. Carousel.jpg

Daniel Goffin Netzwerk Toys first release.jpg

Frank Kozik 33in. Belchor 1 of.jpg

Frank Kozik 36 in. Nightstalker 1 of 40.jpg

Mark Nagata 22 in. Ceramic Eyezon 1 of 10.jpg

Kirkland Jue 4.5 in. Cronic Nerdone 1 of Custom w rhinestones.jpg

Mark Nagata 5 in. 1 of Custom Damnedron.jpg

Mark Nagata Atelier-G Okuda-san 13 in. Hedorah 1 of 30 close-up..jpg

Steve Forde - Go Hero 9 in. Mechabot 1 of custom.jpg

Tim Biskup 1st ed. 8 in. Calli w pencil sketch.jpg

Category: Special & Closeouts
Now viewing images: #1 - 28

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